Learn How to Play Games With the Google Android Platform

Google Play Games is an internet application and service development kit run by Google, a part of its Google Play program, for the Android mobile operating system. It comes pre-installed with the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone and can be accessed from any connected Wi-Fi computer or with a web browser if one is connected to a Wi-Fi internet network. It offers several gaming options, such as card games, trivia games, word games, arcade games, racing games, and multi-player games. It also features leaderboards and other online activity features.

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Learn How to Play Games With the Google Android Platform


Like many other Google Play apps, the Google games app includes a variety of settings that allow users to customize certain aspects of the interface, such as choosing a sport or game type, as well as the interface and visual background. The details page, which serves as the main interface of the game, contains a list of known players along with their scores, rankings, times, highest score, and other miscellaneous information. There are also links that allow the user to share their highest score to other players or the World Wide Web. Users can change these various settings, among others, via the details page. Website link



Similar to the app, the Google game’s services suite also provides a feature called the Google Android Virtual Player. This feature allows users to play various types of downloaded and selected Android applications from the Android Market without having to install them through the built-in mechanism of the phone, using the web browser. The player utilizes a special browser that is installed within the handset and utilizes the USB connection to connect to the device via a USB cable. It can then browse through various installed applications on the device and cast a virtual screen, as it is referred to in the industry. The browser has integrated Google Search functionality, as well as some features like the Google Now section and the Chrome Remote Desktop.

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