Sponsored LinX Review – Google AdWords Optimisation Explained

Sponsored LinX is an online web hosting service, which enables website owners to create their own customised web pages and submit them to the Google webmaster tools. Currently, it is the most complete, highest quality and most cost effective solution available for website optimisation from Google. Google has always had a keen eye on promoting high quality websites and offers them a rewards program in the form of AdSense. Google’s Sponsored LinX website optimisation system uses a customised technique called the “holistic approach” in which every aspect of the website, including the content, usability and appearance are considered equally important to Google in their search engine rankings. Google calls this the holistic approach because unlike some other website optimisation systems Google does not limit your webpages to a single keyword or key phrase; instead they take into consideration the total keywords across the whole site to ensure that the “total number of votes” for each of your pages is equal to or greater than the keyword average for that particular search engine. Click here.


Sponsored LinX Review – Google AdWords Optimisation Explained

Google has devised a unique new way of determining how the various elements of your site will affect search results. Although Google is not saying anything negative about Sponsored LinX, they are simply stating that Google still prefers webpages that contain relevant and useful information for their users than those that are simply designed to sell products or advertise themselves. Google’s latest definition of relevant search results states that a web page is relevant if it contains relevant links (which can be from Google ads or from links within other web pages); offers relevant content (the relevance of which is determined by looking at the amount of time and effort that has been spent on the page and its content by users); and offers users a great user experience by providing great navigation (which can also be influenced by the number of links that link to that page). Google’s current focus on quality search results means that the more time and effort a user puts into finding relevant links and content for their webpages and websites, the better their chances of appearing in the top 10 search results.

Google AdWords is a highly competitive market and as such it is imperative that you utilise every available advantage to improve your website and increase your potential for click throughs and conversions. By taking advantage of Google AdWords’ sponsored keywords and adverts, you can improve your visibility in the Google search engine, generate more traffic and sales, drive up your website optimisation and search engine optimisation and boost your return on investment. For more information on how to take advantage of AdWords and maximize your online presence click here now.

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