5 Best Grammar Schools In Melbourne

Have a limited budget for private school fees? These are the best grammar schools in Melbourne to consider enrolling your child at.

To be included in this list, the school must have been ranked in the Top 20 High Achieving Schools In Victoria 2010, conducted by The Age.

group of fresh graduates students throwing their academic hat in the air

That’s it. There is nothing else required to make this list – no added hype from us, or any biased opinions – just pure unbiased facts.

And remember, if you do end up going with one of these great schools then you’ll need a house to go with them! Luckily Domain Group has released a list of Melbourne’s most expensive suburbs, which may help narrow down where to look. Now, let’s get into the list.

Saint Kevin’s College Toorak

The name ‘St Kevin’s probably doesn’t take you back in time very much. But if someone were to mention ‘Saint Kevin’s, then the mind may lead to thoughts of a quaint school nestled in the heart of Toorak Village. And this is true! Saint Kevin’s was founded by the Christian Brothers and opened its doors for students in 1984.

So what can we expect from such an establishment? Well, it has been ranked as one of Victoria’s top academic schools ( ranking ) and also appeared on Senior Secondary School Ranking. A large percentage of Saint Kevin’s College Toorak’s successful students end up at university. So if your priority is academic excellence, then Saint Kevin’s College Toorak may be for you.

Saint Peter and Paul Primary School Glen Iris

While it does not have the word ‘grammar’ in its title, this is still a primary school that has been ranked in the Top 20 High Achieving Schools In Victoria 2010. It has also achieved an enviable six perfect scores of 50 for VCE results, which means that it is very academically strong.

The school itself was established in 1887, making it one of the oldest schools in the state of Victoria. And its location? Glen Iris – perhaps one of Melbourne’s wealthiest suburbs.

St Michael’s Grammar School St Kilda East

St Michael’s Grammar School St Kilda East has also been included on Senior Secondary School Ranking, where it was ranked as being in the Top 10 Academic Schools In Victoria. It came 34th on the list, just behind Saint Kevin’s College Toorak.

While it may not have the same academic standing as the entire state of Victoria, St Michael’s Grammar School St Kilda East still has more than enough to offer both students and parents who are looking for a great education in Melbourne. It is located in one of Melbourne’s wealthier suburbs – St Kilda East, which can be seen by its median house price of $1,200,000+.

Haileybury College Keysborough

This outstanding school was also included on the Senior Secondary School Ranking, where it came in at number 11 on the list of top schools in Victoria. Located in Keysborough, this school takes its name from Haileybury and Imperial Service College, which is an independent UK boarding school that also offers day students ( source ).

It is located in one of Melbourne’s more desirable suburbs – Keysborough, with a median house price of $1,000,000+.

Scotch College Hawthorn

This school is one of the best in Melbourne for academics and was ranked on Senior Secondary School Ranking as being in the top five schools in Victoria. It offers a wonderful education to students from 46 different nationalities, which means that there’s a diverse community at Scotch College Hawthorn!

Situated in Hawthorn, this highly reputable establishment has an amazing reputation, with parents either sending their children or having them travel long distances to attend. And it can be seen in its location – Hawthorn  – where the median house price is $1,500,000+.

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