Pros and Cons of Company Registration

There are many reasons why people choose to register their own company. However, the process has become much easier over recent years thanks to the advancement in technology. One of these advancements is company registration online, which allows you to manage your business without having to visit the Companies House in person.

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This option removes a lot of potential complications that may arise with office visits; here we will outline some of the pros and cons for you to make an informed decision about whether this method is right for you. Check on company 123 for more details. 

Company Registration Online Pros


As previously mentioned, one of the most significant benefits of registering your company online is flexibility. With traditional registration services, it was necessary for someone from within your business or organization to visit Companies House to fill out, print and submit your company registration forms. However, this is no longer the case thanks to new technology.

Now, you can register your business online while working from home or even while on holiday – providing you have access to a computer with an internet connection of course! This eliminates the need to take time away from your business to complete this task.


The speed at which the process is completed has also been improved dramatically thanks to online services, meaning that you can start trading faster than before. With traditional registration services, many companies were left waiting several weeks before they could begin operating due to slow processing times.

Today, however, it is entirely possible for businesses and organizations to complete their registration procedures within 24 hours.


An additional benefit to online registration is that you will be saving money in the long term. For example, by registering your business over the internet, you are unlikely to have to pay for any postage fees or printing costs, which can quickly add up in terms of both time and money spent. This is not only convenient but also helps keep administration costs down when starting a new venture.

Company Registration Online Cons

However, when considering company registration online it is important to consider some potential downsides before making your final decision. Although convenience may be your number one priority when setting up an organization, there are some important points that you need to take into account before deciding whether this method is suitable for you:


Those who require assistance completing forms may struggle to use online services, as these can often be complex and difficult to understand. This is because the website focuses on providing clear instructions, which are suitable for everyone – meaning that those who need help understanding what they should do may find it difficult to complete the necessary documents.


Before deciding this method is ideal for your business or organization, make sure you consider all of the associated fees. Although registration costs nothing, there may be other expenses involved down the line depending on how you decide to manage your company (i.e if using an accountant).

However, this will depend entirely on each case so it is recommended that you perform a detailed cost analysis before making a decision.


Although online registration is undoubtedly easier, it can also be more complex for those who are not familiar with using the World Wide Web. Therefore, you need to consider whether your business or organization has sufficient technological resources before pursuing this option; otherwise, you will find that some of your employees or colleagues may struggle during the process.

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