The Ultimate Wedding DJ Cost Guide

In this guide, we will cover everything you require to understand about DJ work for weddings.

This consists of how much you must spend for a DJ in Australia, whether you should reserve a wedding DJ or a live band, the most requested wedding DJ tunes and playlists and loads more!

Peak Timing

If a DJ is doing an excellent job, then not just will they cost more, but anticipate their rates to be a little bit more during peak reservation times as they will be guaranteed to be dealing with those busy times of the year.

You can save money by having a wedding at a quieter season or even at a different time of the week as Fridays and Saturdays in the summer season will be a DJ’s busiest time. A terrific concept for anyone preparing a wedding on a budget.

Length Of DJ Set

In general, the longer the wedding event and reception, the greater the overall cost. For all-day wedding events or receptions that go late into the night, more than one DJ might be needed to maintain a continuous DJing existence. More people on the job will likely increase the expense of services.

How Long Will The DJ Perform For?

Usually, the DJ sets the last 2-3 hours. DJs can often perform sets of anywhere up to 3-4 hours, and even longer if they are offered the correct notice.

The Size And Setting Of A Location

Big weddings might imply a greater DJ bill if extra speakers, microphones or upgraded sound devices are needed to effectively serve the crowd. Costs might increase if the wedding DJ is required to set up outdoors due to the fact that additional devices such as power cables and other products might be needed.


A popular DJ typically commands a greater cost than a DJ who is simply starting or who is not as widely known.

What Do The DJ Services Consist Of?

Not everyone comprehends all the work behind the scenes that require to happen for a professional DJ to make your day unique. Here’s what our DJ services consist of:

Time: We put in a severe amount of work and planning and organizing before your wedding day. In between the conferences, calls, staffing, services, organizing devices, final kinds, and music requests.

Equipment: Our DJ equipment is kept in high-quality condition, therefore, if we require something to get fixed, that price is the way it is.

Functional expenses and insurance: Between our office and the licenses we own for our services, this is all integrated within the DJ price.

Should You DJ Your Wedding Event Or Work With A DJ?

For those of you reading this that are deep into your wedding preparations, you are most likely well into THAT list of ‘things to do for the wedding’ … I remember it well and the list was HUGE!

The last thing you want to do is add an extra fifteen plus bullet points & problems to resolve onto that list. What tunes do I need? What about the devices? How will I get it to my location?

On top of all that, don’t forget, IT’S YOUR WEDDING! You want to be taking pleasure in everything about what will be the best day of your life, not stressing over the pressure of having to keep the party going all night long!

The Type Of Experience Your Cash Can Purchase.

It might seem overwhelming when you understand that quality includes an expense. However, the wedding event you have been envisioning in your mind does not need to run out of reach.

Your day doesn’t simply represent you as a couple; it also represents us as a company. It is our task to make your dream a reality, and every couple deserves to start their life together with an amazing event!

Dance and sway the night away, listening to your preferred tunes and laughing along with enjoyed ones. Leave the entertainment to us and unwind understanding that we have the expertise and professionalism to look after everything.When getting a quote, do not be afraid to ask what you will be getting for your money. Any DJ should enjoy justifying their costs and what you are getting for your cash. Here is the list of wedding DJs in Melbourne and choose yours now!

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